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December 16, 2015   Published in:

Top rated beer in Canada. Microbrasserie “Dieu du ciel”

Author: Sergey Brusentsov

I have traveled a lot and visited already all beer countries – Belgium, Czech Republic, England, Germany and, of course, USA. These countries are the home of almost all main styles of beer. Before visiting any city in the world, I like to read first to find the best beer and brewpubs in a city.

After moving to Vancouver, I found it quite complicated to buy the best Canadian beer in the city. The country is huge that even if you know the beer you would like to buy it doesn’t mean that it’s available in your city.

For example, according to the RateBeer the best dozen beers are the following:

RateBeer-Top-Rated-Beer-in-Canada_1 RateBeer-Top-Rated-Beer-in-Canada_2

As you can see, there are three beers from “Dieu du ciel” brewery in TOP-6, and that is the reason why I had to try to find them all here, in BC. But until now I found only one of them – Dieu du ciel Aphrodisiaque.


It is definitely a tasty stout. I bought it in one of the best Vancouver’s liquor stores – Legacy Liquor Store in Olympic Village (where I also bought Blanche du Paradis and Rigor Mortis). But, you can also find several Dieu du Ciel beers in Bottle Jockey in Burnaby from time to time (I could find there Aphrodisiaque & Moralité).

Now my goal is to try all the best Canadian beers, so I will look for ways to find each one of them and will share all locations with you 🙂


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Top rated beer in Canada. Microbrasserie "Dieu du ciel", 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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