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Alibi room – the most rated pub in British Columbia

Author: Sergey Brusentsov

I moved to Vancouver from Ukraine in April 2014. Before that I have been interested what is the best place to drink beer in Vancity. In Ukraine I was an expert in this, but here, in my new city, I had to find out everything about pubs from the blank page.

But there could be an easy way (or maybe the best?) to do it without shelling out a mighty loonie from your pocket. Ask 🙂 According to this famous beer site, the most rated beer place in British Columbia is Alibi Room. Those guys have more than 50 different beers on tap, which is incredible. That is why the first place in BC where I drank beer on tap was Alibi Room 🙂

Alibi Room. Vancouver. BC

One week ago I visited this pub again to try some new beers that I have not seen in bottles yet and decided to order these ones:

  • Ninkasi’s “Sleigh’r” Dark Double Alt Ale (7.2%)
  • Parallel 49’s “Sahti Claws” Finnish-Sahti-Style Ale w Rye, Barley & Juniper Berries + Chinook & Simcoe Hops (7.7%)
  • Four Winds’ “Tiger Style” Dark Winter Ale w Brewers Licorice, Vanilla & Orange Zest + Lactose Sugar (6%)
  • Machine Ales’ “Bean Machine” Milk Stout w/Coffee (4.5%)


Maybe I did not pay attention to this before, but the bartender (or whoever poured the beer into my glasses) definitely knew what he (or she) was doing – all beers had been presented in the right order for tasting. Probably, the first time in my life when I didn’t have to sort it myself 🙂

So, guys, I definitely recommend this place for drinking beer!

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