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December 20, 2015   Published in:

BainBridge Liquor Store: The best assortment of craft beer in Burnaby?

Author: Sergey Brusentsov

A couple of months ago when I was looking for some beer brewed with fresh hops I have been advised to visit BainBridge Liquor Store. If to be honest I was confused by location of this beer shop – it is located almost in the middle of nowhere in my humble opinion 🙂

Today, however, I have decided to come there. Say that they have a good assortment of craft beer it means to say nothing – the selection is huge, or I would even say fantastic! Just look at the following photos to discover how much beer those guys have in the store:

BainBridge-Liquor-Store-beer-selection_1 BainBridge-Liquor-Store-beer-selection_2

BainBridge-Liquor-Store-beer-selection_3_1 BainBridge-Liquor-Store-beer-selection_4
BainBridge-Liquor-Store-beer-selection_5 BainBridge-Liquor-Store-beer-selection_6
BainBridge-Liquor-Store-beer-selection_7 BainBridge-Liquor-Store-beer-selection_10
BainBridge-Liquor-Store-beer-selection_9 BainBridge-Liquor-Store-beer-selection_8
BainBridge-Liquor-Store-beer-selection_11 BainBridge-Liquor-Store-beer-selection_13
BainBridge-Liquor-Store-beer-selection_12 BainBridge-Liquor-Store-beer-selection_14

I was surprised to find several beers bottled in 2012. As it is quite uncommon to see such beer in a regular store, that’s why I decided to buy it.

When I got home I was just interested does Widmer Brothers brewery keep these beers in a cellar and after sell it, or BainBridge Liquor Store bought it three years ago and had been holding it for three years. Considering information on the brewery website I can conclude that these three beers have been purchased previous year, as now beer bottled in 2013 is available for purchasing.


Also, I could find Brouwerij de Molen Kopi Loewak bottled in 2012 too. This one, for sure, has been stored somewhere, because Brouwerij de Molen does not age beer.

Excluding beer mentioned above I bought also a couple of barleywines – Howe Sound Woolly Bugger, Persephone Barley Wine; one of the tastiest Sweet Stout I’ve ever tried – Ninkasi Noir Milk Stout (I would rate it as 100, instead of 99 on RateBeer :-)); Moa St. Josephs Tripel from Australia and Gigantic Pipe Wrench IPA (Gin Barrel Aged). The last one, unfortunately for me, tastes almost like a Gin, but not a Beer…

So, guys, after all I saw, I think BainBridge Liquor Store has the best assortment of interesting beer I’ve seen in Burnaby 🙂

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BainBridge Liquor Store: The best assortment of craft beer in Burnaby?, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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