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BainBridge Liquor Store: The best assortment of craft beer in Burnaby?

Author: Sergey Brusentsov

A couple of months ago when I was looking for some beer brewed with fresh hops I have been advised to visit BainBridge Liquor Store. If to be honest I was confused by location of this beer shop – it is located almost in the middle of nowhere in my humble opinion 🙂

Today, however, I have decided to come there. Say that they have a good assortment of craft beer it means to say nothing – the selection is huge, or I would even say fantastic! Just look at the following photos to discover how much beer those guys have in the store:

BainBridge-Liquor-Store-beer-selection_1 BainBridge-Liquor-Store-beer-selection_2

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October 26, 2015   Published in:

Signature BC Liquor Stores or how to find expandable selection of beer by affordable prices

Author: Sergey Brusentsov

There are more than 420 shops in BC Liquor Stores chain, but for beer geeks only several of them can be more interested – Signature BC Liquor Stores.

In these stores, we can find an expandable selection of beer both from Canadian craft breweries and another part of the world, including USA, Belgium, Germany and other beer countries.

I split the list into geographical areas.

Greater Vancouver Area:


  • Alberni & Bute, 768 Bute Street, Vancouver, V6E 4H6. (604) 660-4572
  • 39th & Cambie, 5555 Cambie St, Vancouver, V5Z 3A3. (604) 660-9463

West Vancouver:

  • Park Royal, 570 Park Royal North, West Vancouver, V7T 1A1. (604) 981-0011



  • HighGate Village, 7155 Kingsway, Burnaby, V5E 2V1. (604) 660-8731
  • Northgate, 3433 North Road, Burnaby, V3J 0A9. (604) 664-0844


  • Nordel Crossing, 12080 Nordel Way, Surrey, V3W 1P6. (604) 501-3201
  • Fleetwood, 8904 – 152nd St, Surrey, V3R 4E4. (604) 582-0008

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